“A great picture paints a thousand words, most modern rock photos paint none.”

Thanks to affordable digital technology, an alarming amount of people seem to think they’re the next great rock photographer. Point, click, print…that’s the MO, and the results are invariably bland at best. Thankfully, every rule has an exception or two, and in the rock photography world, one such exception is Chad Lee. Chad has the unerring ability to not only predict “a great moment” (on or off stage) but capture it forever on film. Remember folks, it’s not just about being in the right place at the right time, it’s making sure you’re actually there to get a picture of it. That’s Chad’s gift – a great eye and also an uncanny knack to predict and capture timeless moments.

As a result, for the past decade and a half , Chad has been delivering some of the most memorable moments in rock, metal and country with his company Chad Lee Photography. How good is his work? Well  over 500 of his photos have graced the pages of the world’s leading music magazines, including Guitar World, Guitar Player, Rolling Stone, BassPlayer, Modern Drummer and Metal Hammer, to mention a mere few. His images have also appeared on tour T-Shirts, posters, promotional artist photos, ad campaigns, DVD and CD covers, TV, movies and video games. Countless Music Companies have used Chad’s work too, including ESP Guitars, Dean Guitars, Washburn, Marshall, Schecter, Dimebag Hardware and many, many more….

Simply put Chad Lee is one of the finest rock photographers alive today. Don’t take me my word for it though, take those of legendary rock bassist, Rex Brown (Pantera, Down, Kill Devil Hill) who had the following to say: “Chad’s pix are always dynamic & catch the full range of emotion in every shot. The way he uses the background as his canvas, while catching the main image, are always dead on. Every shot is a KILLER! He’s one of the smoothest cats I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.” – REX

-Nick Bowcott, September 2014

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