Artist Testimonials

artist testimonials

Chad Lee Photography artist testimonials

chuck billy

” Chad Lee has a great eye and timing to get the shot. When i need a good shot of myself. I call Chad because i know that he has what i need. He also make a damn good Bloody Mary” – Chuck Billy Testament)







rex brown

“Chad’s pix are always dynamic & catch the full rage of emotion in every shot !! The way he uses the background as his canvas, while catching the main image, are always dead on !! Every shot is a KILLER !! He’s one of the smoothest cats I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with !!” – REX







vinnie paul

“Chad Lee approaches photography like I approach drums:  passion, heart and vigor….he’s the real deal and it comes through in his pictures!!!!!”

-Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah)





dimebag darrell

“Chad Lee-the Dream Catcher not to be confused with Bruce Lee, but equally as brutal…. his shit makes us GODZ!”

-Dimebag Darrell

christopher williams







” Chad Lee – My brother from another mother! He always gets THAT shot, the iconic image people will have posters of on their walls for generations to come. He has the eye, the skills and the heart to really get in the shit with you during a live performance. Doesn’t matter if it’s down in a muddy pit at a festival or between stands on the drum riser getting covered in sweat or cracked with a drumstick – he gets in there and always nails THAT photo . ”

Christoper Williams – ACCEPT


Paul Phillips












” Chad is one of the greats! Some photographers become as famous as the artists they are taking shots of. Chad is one of those. I love seeing him in the photo pit or on stage because I know some magic is happening. A true legend ! “


Dez Fafara







” When you want shots to look real, on fire and with a mood behind ’em you choose Chad. He knows when to shoot and he’s known for capturing some of the  best rock images in the last 20 plus years !” 

 – Dez Fafara ( Devildriver , Coal Chamber)


Chuck Garric







” Chad Lee gets the best photos in Rock & Roll because Rock & Roll is his life.”

  • Chuck Garric ( Alice Cooper / Beasto Blanco )


charlie benante





Chad Lee Captures the Moment! that’s the bottom line. When you see a Chad Lee photo you get the feeling that you’re there. The only thing missing from his Photos is the Sound! Now if he can only create an mp3 photo….

-Charlie Benante (Anthrax)



brian tichy

“Chad Lee knows his rock and metal, and, he knows how to capture the spirit of it! From the biggest venues with the biggest artists, to backstage and behind the scenes in the intimate, private moments in the recording studio, Chad Lee’s photographs give us all the excitement, glory and hard work that goes into being in the business of rock n roll!”

-Brian Tichy (The Dead Daisies, Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Pride N Glory )


john 5

“When Chad is in the pit I know I’m gonna’ get GREAT shit ! “

-John 5 (Rob Zombie)


Pat Lachman









I have worked with a lot of photographers..Chad Lee’s work speaks for itself! “


james lomenzo


“Chad is my new “photo-god”… truly, a man not afraid to jump in the trenches and get his lens wet! A righteous dude and a man I call my friend!”

-James Lomenzo (John Fogerty)




scott ian

“Chad Lee isn’t just a photographer, he’s one of us !!”

-Scott Ian (Anthrax)





nick catanese

“Not only is he a sexy bitch, he makes all of us ugly motherf**kers look sexy too!”

-Nick Catanese (Black Label Society)






 adam zadel

“Chad Lee always catches the real shit, and makes you feel as if you are there!”

Adam Zadel-SOIL

jason bittner



“In my years of being on stage there are guys who take pictures and there are guys who capture historic moments that may never happen again. Chad Lee is a professional who never wastes time “looking for the shot”, he already knows where it is.”

-Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall)





 nick bowcott

“What separates great from good is not just talent, it’s unbending dedication and a genuine passion for your chosen art. Chad Lee is one talented, dedicated and passionate motherf**ker of a great rock photographer!”

-Nick Bowcott (Marshall Amplification)





chris howorth

Chad Lee is a master at capturing the essence of the rock/metal live show, you can almost feel the blood, sweat and tears flying off the paper (he makes you look larger than life every time) and in addition to his talent behind the lens he is a straight up cool mother fucker

Chris Howorth – In This Moment










Chad’s work has always stood head and shoulders above most of the rock photography I’ve seen. He has the uncanny ability to capture truly legendary moments when you are at your best.

-David Draiman- Disturbed/Device

Chad Has literally walked through fire to get the perfect shot of me during a performance which is no easy task

on it’s own”

Mike Wengren – Disturbed

Chad has an unbelievable passion for his love of music and his art! It clearly shows in his work as he has captured some of the best performance shots i’ve ever seen. 

Dan Donegan – Disturbed


jeff kendrick

Chad Lee is the real deal rock and roll photographer. His understanding and love of music and entertainment world showcases in the awesome images he captures night after night

Jeffrey Kendrick – Devildriver






jeremy wagner 2011 chicago, il-6099

Chad Lee is the new millenium prince of rock and metal photography. He is quite frankly, the best thing since Zlozower

Jeremy Wagner – Broken Hope 


quote brian fair shadows fall-0422

Chad not only captures the essence of rock and roll in his photos, he lives it !! His understanding of music and the touring lifestyle allows him to represent it to the fullest in his work

Brian Fair – Shadows Fall


tommy clufetos

Chad’s photos capture the intenseness ,& energy from the show & translate them in to a photo!!!–now they are true rock & roll moments”

Tommy Clufetos – Rob Zombie/ Black Sabbath




michelle meldrum

“Chad knows how to deliver the goods and capture the essence of how metal/rock feels in your face !! He loves being in the pits sweating it out with us !!! An awesome guy to hang with and a true friend !!!”

Michelle Meldrum (R.I.P)





mike inez

“Chad Lee, besides being such a super model himself, always makes us road beaten trail mules look great in his continuing photo documentations. He has a natural eye and a gracious heart. Cheers, my brother, here’s to many more shots to come…and I DO NOT mean the photographic kind!

Mike Inez – Alice In Chains





quote jameson

“When you hear an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, you know it’s Eddie. When you see a Chad Lee rock photo, you know it’s Chad!” 

Don Jamieson ‘That Metal Show’

quote florentine

Chad Lee is one of the good guys in the music business who also happens to take the best pictures.

Jim Florentine – comedian/That Metal Show


hbd dime-4927

My first experience with Chad Lee was having his name on my wall underneath one of my fav pics of my idol Dimebag Darrell. Then his name starting coming up everywhere & on every sick rock image I saw in print & online!!! Besides his obvious skills behind the camera lens, his dedication to the growth of the heavy music scene goes far beyond others, and Chad has succeeded in capturing our music’s spirit, passion and drive in every shot he takes!

Jose Mangin – Sirius Xm/Liquid metal/ Ozzy’s Boneyard

quote ellefson-6735

“Chad’s work makes me want to hang his photos on my jam room wall for inspiration…just like when I was 15 years old!”

David Ellefson – Megadeth 

 PeterKeys (1 of 1)

“I’ve worked with so many photographers over the years, and Chad Lee is easily one of the best. His laid back attitude and personality make you feel right at home when he’s behind the lens. His knowledge of light, timing and composition integrate effortlessly, allowing him to capture that perfect moment.”

Peter Keys – Lynyrd Skynyrd