Corrosion Of Conformity live concert photos

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corrosion of conformity photos

  August 20, 2016 Ride For Dime Gas Monkey Live – Dallas, Tx 

  October 6, 2015 Marathon Music Works – Nashville, Tn

the band performing clean my wounds at the 2016 dallas ride for dime 

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band bio

One of the first punk-metal fusion bands, Corrosion of Conformity were formed in North Carolina by guitarist Woody Weatherman during the early ’80s. In their early years, C.O.C. became known for their aggressive sound, intelligent political lyrics, and willingness to break away from both hardcore and metal conventions. In the ’90s, their shift to a more stripped-down, deliberate sound — sort of Black Sabbathfiltered through the Deep South — brought them enough in line with the alt metal Zeitgeist to bring them a measure of mainstream popularity.


C.O.C. debuted in 1983 with   Eye for an Eye, featuring a lineup of Weatherman,   Reed Mullin,   Eric Eycke, and   Mike Dean. They began to build up a cult following with 1985’s Animosity, but their label at the time, grew tired of their internal instability. lineup changes found Eycke replaced by   Simon Bob   and dropped them following   Technocracy. It took several years for a new lineup to come together. featuring Weatherman,   Pepper KeenanMullin,   Karl Agell, and   Phil Swisher . when it did, the result was 1991’s Blind, a powerful, focused, more metallic record.   increasing their audience by leaps and bounds. Agell was fired following its success. meanwhile, Keenan became the full-time lead vocalist on 1994’s   Deliverance.    also featured the return of original bassist Mike Dean. During 1995, Keenan took a short detour into the   supergroup Down   featuring Pantera‘s Phil Anselmo and members of Crowbar).



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