John 5 Live Concert Photos From Chad Lee

John 5 photographs, guitarist for Rob Zombie, all images ©chad lee photography.


February 23, 2018 Chattanooga , Tn 

November 8 , 2018 Lexington Kentucky Manchester Music Hall 



March 8, 2016 12th and porter Nashville, Tn. 

Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 live photos from 2016 Namm Jam. Produced  by Delve Texas January 22, 2016.  Concert at The Grove Of Anaheim in Anaheim California. With special guest appearance by Buckcherry vocalist Josh Todd.  On the Rage Against The Machine classic ” Killing In The Name Of” and Buckcherry’s ” Crazy Bitch”

All photos (C) Chad Lee Photography / Delve Texas – contact me directly for licensing, media use or to inquire about custom prints.

John 5 

see John’s performanceof Feisty Cadavers from the above show on my YouTube channel below 








John 5, was born John William Lowery, on July 31 1971. Raised in Grosse Pointe Michigan, in a safe, affluent neighborhood.  “It was safe, and I had my own maid“. His love of guitar came at the age of seven, from the Hee Haw series. He would watch with his father, as well as The Monkees.  “I watched the guitar playing and knew that was what I wanted to do. My friends wanted to be astronauts  but all I wanted to do was play and play and play”. Other influences included KISS and Jimi Hendrix.  “One of the hardest but most graceful guitar players of all time“.

For John it was having the support of his parents who permitted him to play in bars and clubs. On the condition that he kept his grades up, which gave the biggest push to his burgeoning career. That support of family still drives John today “I‘m very lucky, I practise all the time and yet my wife, my family get it. You come to my house and you will rarely find me without a guitar in hand and I am so blessed to have the support of my family in what I do.”

John’s first high-school band – ‘Dirty Tricks’ won a major battle of the bands contest in the sixth or seventh grade. Hours of practise paying off. Another band – ‘Vampirella’ – was where he began to experiment with the unique facial make-up that he still wears to this day; “we looked crazy on stage. I’d already started wearing eyeliner anyway but the stuff we wore on stage was crazy“.