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Kid Rock Concert Photos


October 5, 2014  Louisville, Ky – Louder Than Life Festival 



2- 18, 2011 Nashville, Tn at Bridgestone Arena 



June 10, 2010 Nashville, Tn Uncle Kracker Good To Be Me video shoot. 

You can watch the video ” GOOD TO BE ME” these photos were taken at here : 


  2-6, 2004 Nashville, Tn 

  March 11, 2006 Chicago, Il – All State Arena 


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Chad Lee Kid Rock Photo gallery


 Kid Rock is a   musician and record producer.  With his unique blend of rap, heavy metal, and rock.
His musical journey  has encompassed  Detroit rap, heavy metal and country rock. By finding a blend of all three, he turned an underwhelming career into a huge success. From early controversy over sexualized lyrics. Rock has  sold  35 million records worldwide . The singer’s journey  been a wild ride for one of the wild men of rap.
His next two albums The Polyfuze Method and Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp contained lyrics too filthy to play on the radio.  Relentless touring and a gift for self-promotion earned Kid Rock a cult following. He’d also started to lean more heavily on country and rock in his samples.  Then decided to form his own band, Twisted Brown Trucker. He then signed to Atlantic Records, and in 1998 his fourth album. Devil Without a Cause, sold over 14 million copies . his breakthrough single, “Bawitdaba.” “We got such a diverse record,” Rock told an interviewer on its release. “I’m kicking old school rap songs and then I do a metal thing.” He started to open tours, and his Woodstock 1999 performance gave him even more exposure. Despite his 10 years as an artist, he was nominated for the best new artist award at the Grammys in 2000 — one of two nominations he failed to win that year.