Slipknot guitarists Jim Root and Mick Thomson 2004

In the recording studio with Jim Root and Mick Thomson  during Subliminal verses January 2004

Slipknot Recording Studio 2004

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Jim Root – James Donald Root (born October 2, 1971), also known by his number #4.  Is an American musician,   best known for being the rhythm guitarist for the  heavy metal band Slipknot.  Also the former lead guitarist for the American alternative metal band Stone Sour.

Mick Thomson (born November 3, 1973).  Born in Des Moines, Iowa, he is best known as one of two guitarists in Slipknot.  In which he is designated #7. Thomson originally met founding  member  Paul Gray through their mutual involvement in death metal band Body Pit.  Following the departure of Joey Jordison in 2013, Thomson is now the third longest-serving member of the band.