Black Sabbath Drummer Tommy Clufetos Portrait Photos

Photos of noted drummer Tommy Clufetos by ©Chad Lee Photography

Tommy Clufetos Photos

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Tommy Clufetos was born in DetroitMichigan. He attended Rochester Adams High School in Rochester, Michigan. He began playing drums around the age of six.[1]


Clufetos started playing drums at age seven and went on to join forces with Ted Nugent (2001-2003). He played on Craveman and Love Grenade. After Nugent, Tommy joined Alice Cooper’s Band.    also performing on Alice Cooper‘s 2004 release Dirty Diamonds.   joining  Rob Zombie until 2010, and played   Educated Horses. played on Zombie’s first live release  Zombie Live, and  Hellbilly Deluxe 2.

In March 2010 Clufetos quit Rob Zombie to join Ozzy Osbourne. “I have no problem with [Ozzy], nor with Tommy joining his band,” said Zombie. “My beef was the way Tommy did it. If he’d come to me and said he wanted to leave, I’d have said that was fine and wished him all the best. He didn’t.”[2]

In May 2012 Clufetos played with Black Sabbath, filling in for original drummer Bill Ward.[3] However, he did not perform on their album 13, as Brad Wilk ended up behind the kit during the sessions. Clufetos returned to Sabbath in April 2013 for their North American tour, starting in Houston on July 25, 2013. Clufetos continued with Sabbath in 2014 with the first show at the Barclays Center in BrooklynNew York, and the final show at Hyde ParkLondon. In 2015 Clufetos played with Ozzy Osbourne including Ozzfest Japan and others. In late 2015 Clufetos began rehearsals with Sabbath for their farewell tour simply titled “The End”, starting on January 20, 2016 in OmahaNebraska through to a final triumphant show on February 4, 2017 at Birmingham England’s Genting arena. He is thus featured on Sabbath’s DVD The End.