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Willie Adler , guitarist for Lamb Of God portrait session. Photos ©Chad Lee Photography for Esp Guitars . 

Lamb Of God guitarist Willie Adler 

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Born in 1976, in Richmond, Virginia, Willie Adler is best known as the rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for metal titans, Lamb Of God.

At the age of just eleven, Willie was already banging is head to the beat of legendary metal bands like Metallica, and it wasn’t before long that he was thrashing away on his first guitar.

As the years progressed, he developed a very distinctive and undeniably, killer style. His use of odd and discordant chords, combined with his unique sense of timing, rhythm, and super-human stretch, has made Willie one of the most popular metal guitarists on the planet, and one of the hardest to imitate.

Willie is very focused on his right hand technique, and because of this, he has been able come up with some of the most brutal rhythms and staccato style riffs that have ever been written, which of course, combine perfectly with the groove oriented lead guitar playing of fellow Lamb Of God guitarist, Mark Morton.

Adler has been described, by his bandmates, as being the, “ultimate good time player,” but when it comes to writing, he is deadly serious. While all members of Lamb Of God contribute to the writing process, Willie has written some of the bands most popular songs, including, ‘Blood of the Scribe,’ ‘Black Label,’ ‘Hourglass,’ ‘Blood Junkie,’ ‘Ruin,’ ‘Beating on Death’s Door,’ ‘Ashes of the Wake,’ ‘Again We Rise,’ and ‘11th Hour

When not touring, writing or recording with Lamb of God, Willie enjoys his downtime at home with his wife Brandy, his son Tres, and their dogs. He also enjoys working on the house and cooking. He has a tattoo of a southern fried chicken dinner on his stomach, which can be seen on the Lamb Of God DVD ‘Killadelphia.’ While on this tour, after a show in Leeds (U.K.) during filming he and director Doug Spangenberg paid a prostitute £30 to clean the band’s tour bus topless. He is known as the ‘joker’ of the bunch.